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LPG SYSTEMS, M. Munck P.A. Ingénieur R&D dit : "La récupération de schéma, layout et library depuis nos précédents outils et très efficace. C'est un réel gain de temps pour la réutilisation d'anciens designs."


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GerbTool shocked many Designers and Fabricators when they found it gave them the ability to perform functions comparable to competitive software that costs thousands of dollars more. Now VisualCAM blazes ahead by offering NEW technology, still at an affordable price, that will fulfill the engineering software needs of PCB Design, Fabrication, and Assembly professionals for many years to come.

In breaking out from the ever-popular GerbTool product line, VisualCAM establishes a solid, more intelligent direction for CAM software, with standard features such as:

  • New HyperNETLIST generation with class-leading performance
  • Native support of ODB++, ODB++ XML, and IPC-2581
  • New support for assembly tooling with Automated Reverse Engineering for Assembly

These are just a few of the new capabilities and database formats that are standard in VisualCAM, not to mention the many enhancements that have been made to existing technology. Combine all of this with highly competitive pricing, ease-of-use, and minimal training, and VisualCAM provides the ultimate ROI.


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